ERIC KUSTER SEXY & SOPHISTICATED BY MARETTI LIGHTING VIEW COLLECTION BLAKES CHANDELIER BACK TO THE OVERVIEW An interior by Eric Kuster stands out for its luxury and comfort, exciting contrasts and refined details. He designed the BLAKES Chandelier, sophisticated and chic, for an extra glamourous touch befitting his interior design. VIEW COLLECTION ROSEWOOD TABLE BACK TO THE OVERVIEW In line with his ROSEWOOD furniture collection, Eric Kuster has designed this ROSEWOOD table lamp;
a subtle mix of sophisticated, sexy and chic, creating the perfect balance between interior design and lighting.
SINATRA FLOOR BACK TO THE OVERVIEW A shining addition, the SINATRA Floor complements Eric Kuster's interior design style. The mirrored lamp base adds an extra dimension to the room. A true showpiece. OAK PENDANT BACK TO THE OVERVIEW The authentic wooden fixtures in the OAK series are each unique and enhance the connection with nature. Directional LED spotlights are attached to the whimsically shaped branches, and the modest white or black shades create a beautiful light. HAYWORTH FLOOR BACK TO THE OVERVIEW This over the top version in the HAYWORTH series clearly bears the signature of Eric Kuster; sophisticated chic and sparkling present as a stand-alone interior object. VIEW COLLECTION CARLTON TABLE BACK TO THE OVERVIEW The CARLTON table lamp's colour scheme and use of materials seamlessly complement Eric Kuster's furniture collection of the same name. His Metropolitan Luxury label includes stylish and extravagant designs, and with this CARLTON table lamp, Eric Kuster completes the serenely chic look of his interior designs.