MONIQUE DES BOUVRIE BE DIFFERENT & A LITTLE CRAZY BY MARETTI LIGHTING VIEW COLLECTION SANS CHICHI FLOOR BACK TO THE OVERVIEW This SANS CHICHI floor lamp designed by Monique is not only functional, it is a styling item in itself. The combination of clean lines and soft round shapes, translated into rich materials such as bronze and brass, give this design a luxurious look with a feminine touch. VIEW COLLECTION LE MASQUE TABLE WHITE BACK TO THE OVERVIEW Even when not lit, this LE MASQUE table lamp designed by Monique des Bouvrie is strikingly present, like a white work of art in its own right. VIEW COLLECTION LE MASQUE TABLE BLACK BACK TO THE OVERVIEW Monique des Bouvrie surprises with her quirky, imaginative designs. Each object in an interior, designed by Monique, is special, tells a story, as this black, surrealistic table lamp LE MASQUE. VIEW COLLECTION SANS CHICHI TABLE BACK TO THE OVERVIEW Monique's designs are a mix of sleek, feminine and strikingly distinct. A refreshing combination that is reflected in the SANS CHICHI lighting line. The table lamp from this SANS CHICHI series is an atmospheric and surprising light design, in which the cord has been ingeniously concealed. VIEW COLLECTION LE MASQUE TABLE WHITE BACK TO THE OVERVIEW It's art. It's functional. And above all it is very distinctive and daring. It is typically a design by Monique des Bouvrie. LE MASQUE brings light with a smile to any place in the home. VIEW COLLECTION LE MASQUE TABLE RED BACK TO THE OVERVIEW The lady in red! This LE MASQUE in fire red puts the interior in an exciting light. A true eyecatcher that never bores. VIEW COLLECTION