From idea to lamp under one roof

Our partnerships with interior designers and architects range from lighting up their projects to crafting their ideas in the lighting field. What they come up with, our employees can make.
The lines between our sales, design and production department are so short that we can communicate with each other quickly. This makes the customer's wishes clear and clear across the various divisions within the design process. This greatly benefits the production process.

From prototype to production

After an exploratory conversation with the customer, the actual design starts on the “drawing board" in the design studio and our 3D printer makes those designs immediately visible and tangible for the customer.
The production of a prototype makes the customer's idea visible and tangible and on the basis of such a prototype, constructive consultation can take place immediately. We can then implement any adjustments or changes already at this initial stage of the process, so that the final result will be entirely according to the customer's wishes.

From Dream-Queen to Laser King

After approval by the customer, the design goes towards our in-house factory, where our skilled employees look into the new challenge. They have such advanced machines that they can really process all imaginable materials, such as bronze, glass, metal and stainless steel.
In this way, they can design any design: from bending glass, welding, soldering, sawing, drilling, setting (bench) to polishing. We even have a glass oven. Our production options are therefore limitless. Where something seems impossible, we see the challenge!

From sales to delivery, customization is our strength

We take the provision of customized solutions very seriously, in all the products and services we provide. What seems impossible for someone else, our team sees as a challenge. We think in solutions and make use of the latest technological possibilities.
Our production staff are driven and well trained and regularly attend refresher courses. This keeps them up to date with new developments and manufacturing processes. We also always apply technological innovations directly to all our projects. Thanks to the craftsmanship of our entire team, we can deliver exactly the customization that the customer wants.