PIET BOON LUXURY LIGHTING LINE BY MARETTI LIGHTING VIEW COLLECTION KLAAR FLOOR BACK TO THE OVERVIEW This exclusive KLAAR Floor is not only a beautiful interior item but also a fine reading lamp with a height adjustable white shade. Thanks to the dimmer, the KLAAR series also brings atmosphere into your home. Combine the KLAAR Floor with the variants for on the wall and on a sideboard; KLAARTJE Wall and KLAARTJE Table. VIEW COLLECTION HALO FLOOR BACK TO THE OVERVIEW The HALO series shows the authentic Studio Piet Boon® design, characterized by subtle use of materials, subdued colours and functionality. The timeless design and beautiful ton-sûr-ton coloring make this exclusive series suitable for both modern and classic interiors. TRIBE WALL BACK TO THE OVERVIEW The TRIBE Wall is modern and extremely stylish. A design by Studio Piet Boon® that, in combination with the floor lamp, table lamp and spotlights from this exclusive lighting line, illuminates every interior in a sophisticated way. VIEW COLLECTION HALO FLOOR BACK TO THE OVERVIEW Stylish and functional and a real mood creator; the HALO Floor spreads beautiful diffused light and with a dimmable led light source in it, a pleasant soft atmosphere is created. Functional as a reading lamp, beautiful as a styling item. TRIBE FLOOR BACK TO THE OVERVIEW The slender design of the TRIBE series only really stands out when the light is on. Warm light in a compact beam, very nice for illuminating a dark corner, but also an excellent reading lamp. VIEW COLLECTION TRIBE FLOOR BACK TO THE OVERVIEW Create a beautiful unity in the interior by combining different items from this very complete TRIBE series by Studio Piet Boon®. A TRIBE Floor in the master bedroom and the TRIBE Wall in the adjoining bathroom. Simplicity can be as beautiful as that. VIEW COLLECTION