MARCEL WOLTERINCK LUXURY PURITY & SYMMETRY BY MARETTI LIGHTING VIEW COLLECTION INFINITO CHANDELIER & MODESTO SPOT BACK TO THE OVERVIEW In designing the INFINITO series, Marcel Wolterinck opted for an innovative combination of materials; bronze, leather and smoked glass with a gradient from dark to light. This unique combination looks extremely luxurious and elegant and lifts the design to a higher level. With the modest design of the MODESTO spotlights, Marcel Wolterinck shows that refinement is in the details. VIEW COLLECTION COSTA SERIE BACK TO THE OVERVIEW This exclusive and very complete COSTA lighting line is made of solid stainless steel and is hand welded in our workshop. Pure craftsmanship! The special coating guarantees the durability of each COSTA fixture. VIEW COLLECTION PIOTELLO BACK TO THE OVERVIEW Marcel Wolterinck's creations have a clear signature; sober use of colour, natural materials and refined details. The PIOTELLO is a masterful design that modestly fills a large space. VIEW COLLECTION FINO WALL BACK TO THE OVERVIEW The luminaires of the FINO series are timeless due to their strikingly sleek design and, thanks to the adjustable arm, very suitable as a desk lamp, but also very sophisticated as a bed reading lamp. VIEW COLLECTION VASO QUADRATO WALL BACK TO THE OVERVIEW The solid and modern designed VASO Quadrato wall fixtures have a sturdy character and in terms of design they fit well in different styles of interiors. VIEW COLLECTION MARCEL SPOTS LIGHTS BACK TO THE OVERVIEW In his modest interior designs, Marcel Wolterinck 'paints' with light, to make the interior sparkle. With the adjustable light fall of the shiny MARCEL Spots he manages to create exciting contrasts. VIEW COLLECTION