Maretti Outdoor Lighting enhances the living and working environment around homes and businesses

Lighting outdoor projects requires specific knowledge and materials. Our collection of outdoor lighting meets the highest quality standards and includes many exclusive designs, which we use to put each project in a unique light. This way we turn each outdoor project into a unique experience!

In our interior lighting plans we also take into account the space around the house, such as facade, paths, gazebo, terrace or patio and of course the garden itself. Our lighting designs for exterior fit in so well with our collections for interior that the style of the interior can flow seamlessly into the decoration of terrace and garden. In this way, interior and exterior form a harmonious whole. Worldwide we work with the Netherlands' leading designers and architects on the most exclusive projects. Of course the designers have specific wishes regarding the lighting. It must fit perfectly with the interior and exterior and strengthen the design. Thanks to our endless production possibilities, we can realize any lighting design they come up with. In this way, the designers retain creative control over their projects. And our customers get a unique living environment, inside and out, in which everything is coordinated in detail.