A well thought out lighting plan from Maretti Lighting strengthens your retail formula

Lighting is an important marketing tool; it can make your customers feel at home and focus attention on your products. We know what our retail customers value: sustainable, energy-efficient and affordable lighting for perfect product colour rendering and atmospheric accents.

When furnishing a store, the focus is on more than just the presentation of products. An attractively lit interior that suits the brand, inviting shop windows and a cosy coffee table provide a total experience for the shopping public. Especially for (large) chain stores we provide a recognizable atmosphere in each branch. This reinforces your store formula and increases the recognizability of your brand. From your storefront to the fitting rooms, we provide the entire store with the finest lighting fixtures to match the store formula. With our extensive collection of light sources, we can optimally illuminate any conceivable product, from clothing to artwork and from hardware to food, resulting in a perfect atmosphere. We work exclusively with LED lighting, energy-efficient, durable and with a long lifespan. In our design studio we can design any desired custom product and manufacture it in our in-house factory. Efficient, so cost effective and always unique. In addition, we offer a comprehensive service; from free lighting plan to after sales. Above all, we guarantee a timely completion of the work, so your store can open on the agreed date.