BRANDS VIEW COLLECTION CREATING PERFECT HARMONY BY MARETTI LIGHTING ASTOR RING BACK TO THE OVERVIEW Brands-Concept creates products to merge with their interior design. The ASTOR Ring pendant lamps are luxuriously robust and harmonize perfectly with this modern interior in terms of colour and design VIEW COLLECTION RIVINGTON PENDANT BACK TO THE OVERVIEW The RIVINGTON Pendant is a subtle appearance with a special effect due to the extraordinary light source under the fixture. The result is a beautiful light fall, very nice above a bar or dining area. VIEW COLLECTION RIVINGTON GLASS FLOOR BACK TO THE OVERVIEW A special interior needs the most beautiful products, like this RIVINGTON Glass Floor, where the design of the lamp is an essential part of the overall experience. VIEW COLLECTION RIVINGTON WALL BACK TO THE OVERVIEW With the right lighting you bring so much more grandeur to an interior, even in a small space such as a bathroom or toilet. The RIVINGTON Wall is a subtle yet chic accent, spreading soft, diffused light. VIEW COLLECTION RIVINGTON PENDANT BACK TO THE OVERVIEW The fixture of the RIVINGTON Pendant is subordinate to the light source and that makes this design extra special. Only when the light is on, the RIVINGTON Pendant is strikingly beautiful. VIEW COLLECTION RIVINGTON GLASS PENDANT BACK TO THE OVERVIEW The soft light of the RIVINGTON series is muted even further with the addition of the glass and makes the RIVINGTON Glass Pendant an atmospheric lighting accent in this master bedroom. VIEW COLLECTION