HALA (PETER KOS) CLEAN & MINIMAL DESIGN BY MARETTI LIGHTING VIEW COLLECTION TOMMY PENDANT BLACK&GOLD BACK TO THE OVERVIEW The TOMMY Pendant with gold interior is a typical HALA design by Peter Kos that is very suitable for hanging several copies of it side by side or assembled in different sizes as a bundle, to fill larger spaces and provide them with atmospheric light. Also in white or black a real eye-catcher. VIEW COLLECTION SLICED BACK TO THE OVERVIEW In the chic black and gold version of the SLICED series, HALA's retro design comes into its own. The openwork lampshade gives a special light distribution. The SLICED series consists of various models and colours, which combine beautifully. VIEW COLLECTION AUREOOL LED BACK TO THE OVERVIEW This AUREOOL LED is a paragon of minimal design with a grand effect. Great for above a dining area or in the living room of an industrial interior. The AUREOOL LED is also a decorative asset in an office space. Vintage at its best! ROKIN PENDANT & VOID TABLE BACK TO THE OVERVIEW Pure Dutch Design; each HALA design is produced in the Netherlands. The vintage look of the ROKIN and VOID series combines beautifully with both modern and classic interiors and creates a very contemporary and distinct look in the hospitality industry, homes and offices. CLOONEY BELT BACK TO THE OVERVIEW What do we hang above the dining room table? A CLOONEY! What else! With its beautiful soft lines and the belt as a funny detail, the CLOONEY Belt is a pendant lamp with a timeless character. It fits within any trend and retains its value as a style icon. VIEW COLLECTION DOT PENDANT BACK TO THE OVERVIEW Timeless design and solid craftsmanship also characterizes the DOT Pendant. HALA lighting is a purely Dutch product and is manufactured in the factory of Maretti Lighting. HALA design lamps will eventually become collectors items. VIEW COLLECTION