Turn your bathroom into a spa with our beautiful and safe design lighting

The right balance of light in the bathroom ensures optimal relaxation. However, designing a lighting plan for a "wet room" requires the necessary knowledge about safety. We would be happy to advise you on this and offer a nice collection of basic and atmospheric fixtures especially for the bathroom.

Atmospheric light is an important factor in creating a luxurious spa feeling in the bathroom. Beautiful fixtures embellish a bathroom interior and thanks to dimmable light sources you can switch from bright light, for applying make-up or cleaning the bathroom, to a warmer colour for relaxing. RGB Led lines come in a variety of shades, from warm white to any colour, and can be beautifully concealed along the ceiling, behind mirrors or under the bath. RGB Led lines spread pleasant indirect light and contribute to the feeling of pleasant luxury and atmosphere in any bathroom. Of great importance is the choice of safe and approved fixtures for the bathroom. Our collection of bathroom fixtures has the appropriate certification. With this specially designed lighting for the bathroom we create the ultimate wellness feeling in your bathroom! Of course, our specialists are always ready to advise you or work with you to design a lighting plan and fill it with the right fixtures.