Slide 12 VOLT CONNECTION SYSTEM PLUG & PLAY SYSTEM Maretti Outdoor Lighting is based on a low voltage system of 12 volts AC. This system makes it extremely easy to install your own lighting in your garden. You can of course also have this done by your gardener or electrician. Transformator TRANSFORMER The transformer ensures that 230V is converted to the necessary 12V. The transformer is equipped with a light/dark sensor, which can be used in combination with a timer. A socket (230V) is required for the transformer. Splitconnector SPLIT CONNECTOR The split connector ensures that the fixture receives its voltage from the 12V cable. Kabel CABLE The cable is connected to the transformer. This ensures that the 12V is available for the fixtures in the garden. The cable may be routed through the garden, does not require a minimum depth and does not necessarily have to terminate at the transformer. Armatuur LUMINAIRES The fixtures for the 12V system always come with a split connector, with which the fixture can be connected to the 12V cable.

Easy to connect and extend garden lighting

The lighting of Maretti Outdoor Lighting is based on a low-voltage system of 12 volts AC voltage. This system makes it extremely easy to install the lighting in your garden yourself. We are happy to provide you with all the information and, if desired, make a tailor-made lighting plan for you.In our well-thought-out lighting plans, the lighting and power points are always located where they are needed. It's so handy. Of course, you can also have the construction done by a gardener or electrician.

On the Garden lighting plan page you can read how you can proceed with the construction of this 12 Volt system..