OSIRIS HERTMAN INSPIRED BY NATURE BY MARETTI LIGHTING VIEW COLLECTION STONE FLOOR BACK TO THE OVERVIEW Osiris Hertman likes to use materials in his designs in which there is relief, such as this lampshade made of natural stone for the STONE collection. This material is alive and turns a lamp into a true interior object, even when it is not lit. HEXAGON PENDANT BACK TO THE OVERVIEW Very special is the application of foil in the HEXAGON lighting line. Osiris has had the inside of these lampshades decorated with warm tones such as gold and copper, so that the light shine becomes extra atmospheric. CONE SPOT BACK TO THE OVERVIEW Osiris Hertman's penchant for customization makes all his projects characterful and extremely personal. His lighting line includes luxurious and original fixtures such as these CONE surface mounted spotlights, whose inner ring is available in copper, silver and gold. VIEW COLLECTION HEXAGON TABLE BACK TO THE OVERVIEW Interior projects by Osiris Hertman exude elegance, beauty and craftsmanship. His luxurious HEXAGON lighting collection stands out for its exclusive design. Craftsmanship and attention to detail radiate from it. STONE TABLE BACK TO THE OVERVIEW Sophisticated, bold and atmospheric is the STONE Table and thanks to the shade of wafer-thin natural stone, this table lamp combines beautifully with other pure, natural materials, such as stone and wood. EMBRACE PENDANT BACK TO THE OVERVIEW The craquelé look of the EMBRACE pendant lights, richly executed with a gold interior for a warm glow, fits nicely into a tough and chic ambiance.