MARISKA JAGT DELICATE COMBINATIONS OF MATERIAL AND DESIGN BY MARETTI LIGHTING VIEW COLLECTION SCOPE SPOT BACK TO THE OVERVIEW Mariska Jagt designs with passion for beauty; pure, modest and with an eye for the smallest details. The SCOPE Spot unobtrusively enhances the interior design. SCOPE TRACK BACK TO THE OVERVIEW The SCOPE Track series is a very luxurious line in basic lighting. Technical ingenuity combined with an understated luxury design. FLASK PENDANT BACK TO THE OVERVIEW A modest gem, with a refined design and soft light, that is the FLASK Pendant. A wonderful combination of innovative lighting technology and purity of design. VIEW COLLECTION BULLIT TABLE BACK TO THE OVERVIEW No excess, but modest luxury. As a light object, the BULLIT Table only really stands out when the light is switched on. A design that merges with the interior. VIEW COLLECTION FLASK PENDANT BACK TO THE OVERVIEW The FLASK Pendants, like the other lamps that Mariska designs, have a basic design, without unnecessary extras, and are equipped with innovative but invisible technology. VIEW COLLECTION FLARE SPOT BACK TO THE OVERVIEW In Mariska Jagt's vision, basic lighting should essentially blend into the interior. Her design of the FLARE surface-mounted spot exudes simplicity, but it houses ingenious lighting technology that ensures a wonderful light output. VIEW COLLECTION