Maretti: betaalbare design verlichting

Our vision and mission


Our vision on light architecture

Light architecture serves the users and the purpose of a room or space. Light and lighting contribute a lot to how we experience the Interior. Experience is the appreciation for what we observe around us. Light is indispensable and light architecture is one of the most important elements in creating atmosphere.

Light architecture is the art to consciously create the desired experience of a space with light. It can also enrich an environment or object and reveal the beauty of it. The design of light fixtures adds to the individuality of an Interior design. It complements the light architecture, sometimes subtle, sometimes in a very explicit way.

“Design” seems to be equivalent to “expensive”. We don’t agree and Maretti focuses on affordable designer lighting and light architecture. To make this possible, we have an in-house factory and qualified staff. With an entirely in-house production we provide the best possible prices for our customers.

Maretti brings the balance between Interior design and lighting – and thus the desired experience of a space – within the reach of everyone.

Our mission

From our vision on light and lighting, our mission is: designing, producing and delivering affordable design lighting. On this website we show how we achieve this.

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